Premium Music Search for iPhone Premium App Reviews

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I don’t even know how to make a pplaylist

Big nothing!

$4.99 for what? I’d give it a negative 100 if possible

App not working

When I select a song to play, it blanks out and goes back to my start screen. I have no idea how to fix this; no updates available either. So I paid for this but can’t use it... very disappointing

Can not download any songs

Paid for nothing worth. I can not even play a song. Select option only one, it’s add to favorite But need to select other app to play??

Music search

Love finding what I need when I need to!

Spotify premium

Premium is great

Awesome app must get!!😃😁

One ☝️ of the greatest app


The quality is great the selection is fantastic Thank you for the pride music!!!

Like so far

The price isn’t bad for what you get but they tell you it is ad free...well not until you give them another $1.99 to remove the ads. They should tell you this upfront. Now that I’ve used it...I will give it a one star cause I purchased it under the impression that I could create a playlist and I don’t see anywhere that I can do that and you can’t even listen to the whole song, it sends you to iTunes or YouTube to listen...wasted my $7!!


I downloaded this because I got an amazon Alexa and it says that it would play through this app well it won’t wasted 4.99 for nothing this app don’t play anything it prompts through Utube.

Not Spotify

Just thought I could listen to music. However not the case search for a song and you can only listen to a preview or watch it on YouTube. So don’t pay 4.99 when you could just watch it on YouTube.

Awesome Utility

Found this purely by accident, and I absolutely love it!


It's like Spotify just more features

Just downloaded.

Good so far.

Best app ever

This is the best app ever


I’m not sure if it’s only me but I can only listen to a preview of the song


Best app I’ve used

It’s a good app

I like it and I really recommend it

Great app

I access my my songs very easily and love the app


Rad again!





Great app

Awesome app. I just started using it and it is awesome


Free music. Free app. No complaints.


Just discovered this app. I like it so far

Lil 6ix9ine

Great app

Awesome app!

Awesome app!



To get premium

It looks exactly like Spotify like I said it’s just to get premium

Promo code?

How do I get the code for Spotify for 80%off

This is gr8

This is gr8

Good app



This is a great app!!


As a young person in high school this is exactly what I need


I can listen to anything I want 😊😊😊




Very very very good quality




The apps works well and it is perfect


Nice job


Love it omg


Great app for downloading music Update: was made to rate before i used it. App isn't very good.



This App Is So amazing

omg this is the best music app ever!!!

New to the app

Haven’t really experienced it yet but so far really good 😊

Apps great

This is a great app. I just started but I already like it.

Great app

I love this app so much it makes so many things easier and more available for Spotify. Thanks to the creators


An amazing music app highly recommend it!!!!!



Down loader par excellence!

Great app app: I’ve been finding all the music that I have search for even the hard to find golden oldies, best choice I’ve ever made in a music downloader; grab it while it’s still free!

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